Barry Richmond (KA3RKW)


Anyone who used any of the local repeaters in the Harrisburg/Hershey area knew Barry. He was a unique individual with a special sense of humor. Often referred to as the "Bad Boy of amateur radio", he usually had a way to make you laugh. He was confined to a wheel chair because of a swimming accident in his high school days, but found a passion in amateur radio. He left us way too soon.

He was the first owner of the 224.18 repeater in the area. It is in his honor that we have placed his repeater back into service. We have also chosen to use his call sign for the club, and for the 224.18 repeater. He would be happy to know that his love for radio continues in his name, or call sign.

Terry (WB3BKN)

Others who knew Barry can offer their memories, and reflections here.

Barry Richmond (KA3RKW SK)